Smoked beef short ribs

a wonderfully meaty recipe 

Why should you make beef short ribs?

Beef Short Ribs are meaty and full flavorful fat. They are real crowd pleasers! 


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Trim the ribs.

Create your dry rub.

Fire up the  grill.


What to do

The trim for this cut is very easy. Simply take a rack of short ribs and remove the membrane on the back.

The dry rub 

What will you need?

 2 tbls cracked black pepper

1 Tbls kosher salt 

1 tbls grandulated onion 

1 tsp celery salt

1 tsp chile powder (Mexene)

time to grill.

Heat up the grill to 250 F 

Cook using indirect heat for six hours. every two hours spritz with apple juice .On the fourth hour baste the ribs  in barbeque sauce.

 Finishing            up 

Once they have hit an internal temperature of 200F or until they are fork tender these ribs will be done.

Take off, let cool, and enjoy!

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