butter bath chicken thighs 

a spectacular way to cook chicken thighs

Why should you make butter bath chicken

Butter bath chicken is an easy way to get that bite through perfect skin!


Circled Dot

Trim the chicken.

Create your butterbath.

Fire up the  grill.


What to do

 Remove the vein.

Cut away large fat deposits.

Remove extra skin.

The butter bath 

What will you need?

 1 Aluminum pan 

  1/3 Cup of Parkay

Place the chicken thighs into the pan skin side down and season with salt and pepper (or your favorite chicken rub).

time to grill.

Heat your grill up to 275F.

Smoke the thighs using indirect heat for 40 minutes.

Check for a internal tempature of 165!

 sauce it up!

Once they have hit 165F take them out of the bath and put them back on the kettle skin side up.

Place back on the grill for for 15 more minutes or until at 175-185F.  

 Take off let cool and enjoy!

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