How to Smoke      A Pork  Butt.

A recipe everyone should know.

Cook Time

This pork butt will take around ten hours to make. It is a commitment but it is definitely worth the time!  

 The Dry Rub 

 First, you want to make a good dry rub for you pork butt that you will use to aggressively season both sides.

 Dry Rub Ingredients. 

* 1 cup turbinado sugar * 1/4 cup kosher salt * 1 tbsp black pepper * 1 tbsp chili powder * 1 tsp granulated onion * 1 tsp granulated garlic * 1 tsp celery salt

Set Up The Grill.

  Next you should set up your grill for indirect heat and set the bottom vent to 20% and the top to 100%.

The Hickory

After the charcoal has lit, place 2-3 chunks of Hickory on top of the briquettes. This will help with temperature and flavor.

 Keep your charcoal fresh!

  Since this is a longer cook every two hours you should add fresh charcoal to the basket. 

 Smoke the butt

Place the pork butt on the cool side of the grill and rotate it every couple of hours. 

 Finishing up 

once you have reached an internal temperature of 205 take it of the grill and wrap in foil and let sit for an hour. 

 Tear up and dig in!

After it has sat in the foil for an hour, tear it apart with your fingers or any tool you like and enjoy!

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