How to Smoke Baby Back Ribs on a Weber Kettle (2-2-1)

Smoking baby back ribs on a Weber kettle is extremely easy.  The technique I am going to show you is referred to as the “2-2-1” method and it turns out delicious ribs every single time! Let me show you how to use your charcoal grill to make the best baby backs you have ever eaten!

If you are using a 22 inch Weber kettle then you can easily fit two slabs of baby backs on the grill but for this cook I only cooked one. We are going to start with a slab of baby back ribs that weighs about 3 pounds.

Prepare the Baby Back Ribs

The first thing we are going to do is flip these ribs over.  We want the meat side down and the bone side up. There is a membrane on the back of these ribs and we need to take it off.

Once a section of the membrane has been separated you can grab it with a paper towel and pull the whole thing off.

Now that the membrane is off we can apply a dry rub. To get the meat damp you can apply a thin coating of oil or a little bit of mustard.

– turbinado sugar – Morton kosher salt – lemon pepper seasoning – chili powder – onion powder – garlic powder – black pepper – celery salt


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Prepare Your Weber Kettle for Smoking

To set up your grill you will need to fill a charcoal basket with about 30 Kingsford briquettes and place the basket on the left side of the charcoal grate.

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