Traeger Chicken Wings

All you need is rub, sauce and time for some seriously tasty wings!

{Citrus Black Pepper with Buffalo Sauce}

Season the Chicken Wings

Pat the wings dry with paper towels and then season them on both sides with your dry rub of choice.

Grill the Wings at 350F

Turn on your grill and set the temperature to 350F. This is going to be a fast cook so the choice of wood pellets really isn’t important.

Grill the Wings at 350F

Place the wings on the grill, skin side up and cook for 20 minutes. Then flip the wings over and grill for another 20 minutes.

Let's Get Saucy

Coat the wings in Buffalo sauce, return them to the grill and let them grill for five more minutes to set the sauce.

Are they done?

The wings are technically “done” when they hit an internal temperature of 165F but they are much better when cooked to 185F.

Wing Sauce

I have decided that my favorite is Moore’s Original Buffalo Wing Sauce. I prefer the look and taste of wings that have been sauced and finished on the grill.

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