The BEST Tri Tip Steak Marinade: Red Wine and Fresh Herbs!

Tri Tips are one of “secret jewels” of the steak world. Tri tips have very little internal marbling so they are rather mild on the flavor scale. You can slice up a slow smoked tri tip and use it to make steak sandwiches good enough to make you cry!

– Cabernet Sauvignon – soy sauce – brown sugar – Worcestershire sauce – honey – Dijon mustard – ground black pepper – fresh garlic – fresh thyme – fresh rosemary

Red Wine & Herb Tri Tip Marinade

The most important part of cooking a tri tip is to cook it to an internal temperature of 135F.  Cooking a tri tip past 135F runs the risk of drying the meat out.

This tri tip went onto a grill set up for indirect low heat and was smoked for two hours until it reached an internal temperature of 130F. I then put the tri tip directly over the coals to sear it off.

When the steak is finished slice it thinly across the grain and serve! The sweetness and complexity of the wine can be tasted in every bite.  If you love red wine you then will love this recipe.

Since I used a California red wine for the marinade I decided to make some California inspired tri tip sandwiches.

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