Weber Charcoal Grill Accessories: Top Ten Temptations!

One of the fun parts of falling in love with your kettle is finding new ways to make it even better.  Here are some of my favorite Weber charcoal grill accessories that would be great upgrades and welcomed gifts.

Slow N Sear: Perfect for Smoking!

The Slow N Sear from SnS Grills converts a Weber kettle into a slow smoking machine.  You can hold “Low and Slow” barbecue temps for about 10 hours on a single load of charcoal.  The integrated water reservoir holds a quart of water and provides a humid cooking environment.

Craycort Cast Iron Grates: Serious Kettle Bling!

In addition to being cool as heck they grates from Craycort are also extremely versatile.  Craycort provides optional inserts like a griddle, wok and veggie basket that will really change how you think about grilling.

RiboLator: So Much Stupid Fun!

If you do get a rotisserie then at some point you will want to invest in the RiboLator.  This is an attachment for the rotisserie that lets you grill four slabs of ribs at once with its Ferris Wheel design.

Kettle Rotisserie: A New World of Grilling!

If there is something more satisfying than watching meat spin on a rotisserie then I have no idea what it could be.  Personally I do not believe that food tastes better when cooked on a rotisserie but I do believe the grilling EXPERIENCE is much more enjoyable.

GrillGrates: Transforms Direct Grilling!

GrillGrates make grilling over direct heat FUN and EASY.  We are talking about the almost complete elimination of flare ups.  We are also talking about getting the best sear marks you have ever seen.

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