Weber Summit Kamado E6 Review: They Got it Right This Time

Weber redesigned and relaunched the Summit Kamado E6 in 2021 and they got it right this time.   The E6 Kamado is a beautiful grill and smoker with high capacity and incredible efficiency.

Key Features of the E6 Kamado

– Double Walled Steel Construction With Air Insulation – Dual Position Charcoal Grate and Heat Deflector – Precision Air Control From Modified Lower Vents and High Flow Top Vent – 24 inch Stainless Steel Gourmet Barbecue Cooking Grate

The big features that you are getting are

– Dual Use Cooker – High Efficiency Fuel Usage – Strong But Light Construction – Massive Capacity.

What is New About the E6 Kamado?

Weber introduced their first kamado style grills in 2018 and while they were great additions to the Weber line they were severely mispriced.

Customer Reviews for the Summit E6

The E6 is a both expensive and relatively new which means that there are not a lot of customer reviews posted online yet.  I grabbed all the reviews that I could find from the Weber, Home Depot and BBQGuys websites.

Summit E6 vs Summit S6

As far as performance and capacity as either a smoker or a grill there is zero difference between the E6 and the S6 yet the S6 costs over $700 more.

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