EASY Traeger Smoked Eye of Round Roast

An eye of round roast is well seasoned, slow smoked, sauced and sliced thin to create an easy but tasty feast.

Season the Eye of Round Roast

When I am smoking beef I like to use Traeger’s Garlic Chili Pepper dry rub as it has a nice balance of salt, savory, sweet and heat.

Seasoning Tip

I like to paint a thin coat of Worcestershire sauce onto the meat before adding the rub to help it adhere better. Let the meat rest for 30 minutes after seasoning.

Start your Traeger

Turn on your Traeger, set the temperature to 225F and let the grill preheat for 15 minutes. Place the eye of round on the grill, close the lid and let it cook for two hours.

Baste the Meat

After two hours, open the lid and baste the roast with Traeger’s Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce.  This sauce will give the meat some beautiful color and adds a nice layer of flavor.

Rest, Slice and Serve

Once the roast reaches 130F, remove it from the smoker , place it in a dish and cover with foil. Let it rest for 30 minutes before slicing.

Let's eat!

One of my favorite ways of serving the beef is as an appetizer.  I will slice the slices into strips, add them to some bread rounds and top them with a dab of steak sauce.

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