Weber Wood Pellets Review: Are They Any Good?

My local Ace Hardware has stocked up on Weber wood pellets and carries the following flavors:. – Apple – Cherry – Hickory – Grillmaster Blend – Mesquite

Do Weber Pellets Have Any Fillers?

I give Weber a LOT of credit for actually putting their pellet composition in big bold numbers on the front of the package.  Weber labels their pellets as “100% Flavor, Zero Fillers” and then gives the percentage of each wood species in the pellet.

Are Weber Pellets Any Good?

I loaded the pellets into the Spider Grill pellet adapter that I had hooked up to an old 22 inch Weber kettle.  The Spider ran smoothly with the Weber pellets and was able to easily hold temperatures as low as 180F and as high as 500F.

I did quite a few cooks with these pellets but my favorite was a simple batch of chicken wings.  The wings got smoked at 180F for one hour and then grilled at 450F for 30 minutes.

Do You Have to Use Weber Pellets in a Weber Smokefire Pellet Grill?

Weber has said that you should use their pellets in the Smokefire grills.  They claim that the Smokefire was “developed and optimized for Weber pellets” I say that this is a joke. 

Can You Use Weber Pellets in a Traeger or Pit Boss?

You can absolutely use Weber pellets in a Traeger, Pit Boss or any other brand of pellet grill. Trager states on their warranty information that Traeger grills run best with Traeger pellets but that does not mean that you have to use their pellets.

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