Weber Flavorizer Bars: Find What Fits Your Grill and Make Them Last Longer

Replacing the Flavorizer bars on your Weber gas grills can drive you crazy!  They are incredibly simple to install but finding the ones that actually fit in your grill is challenging.

Weber Flavorizer Bars

The last time I counted there were over fifteen different lengths of Flavorizer bars.  Compound the length differences with issues like Stainless Steel vs Porcelain Enameled and the different thicknesses offered by non OEM manufactures and you end up with about FIFTY products to choose from.  Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

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Weber Grill Burner Replacement Tubes: How to Remove and Replace

It is an excellent idea to inspect the burner tubes on your Weber grill every spring before the first grilling session of the season.  Making sure your burner tubes are in good condition will help you grill run better and is an exercise in grilling safety.

Many people don’t keep their grills covered and they end up taking a lot of abuse over the winter. Water can get into the grill and start rusting out the burners as the grill sits idle.

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Weber Summit Grill Parts for 420, 470, 620, 670 and A, B, C, D Models

This page has Weber Summit grill parts for both the four and six burner Summit grills.   We will cover the four burner Summit grills first and will then move to the six burner grills.

Weber Summit Grill Parts: 4 Burner Grills

Let’s start with Weber Summit grill parts for the newest four burner Summit grills and work our way back to the oldest.

Weber Summit 400 Series

Summit 470

Weber relaunched the 400 series in 2007.  While there have been a few feature and design tweaks over the past eight years the basic components have stayed the same.

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Weber GoAnywhere Parts

After you select the Weber GoAnywhere parts that you need take a moment and read the history of this grill that is written below.  This is a historically significant grill for Weber and new developments in it’s design might be a sign of things to come from them.

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Weber Q Grill Parts: 1000, 2000 and 3200 Series Models

Before you buy any grill parts for your Weber Q you need to figure out whether you have a 100, 200 or 300 series grill.  Don’t worry, it’s easy to do!Weber Q Grill Parts

  • 100/120/1000/1200 Weber Q Grills: Single burner grills that are 20 inches long and 27 inches wide.
  • 200/220/2000/2200 Weber Q Grills: Single burner grills that are 25 inches long and 51 inches wide.
  • 300/320/3200 Weber Q Grills: Two burner grill.

There, that wasn’t bad was it?

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