Weber Grill Parts Buying Guide: Making Repairs Easy!

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Let’s get your Weber grill fixed so you can get back to grilling! It doesn’t matter how old your barbecue is; we will help you find the right Weber grill parts!

Weber Genesis Grills

There have been over twenty models of the classic Weber gas grills over the past 40+ years.  And of course, the parts are not interchangeable between all of the models!

Whether you have a two burner Weber Genesis Silver A built in 2003, a three burner Weber Genesis 1000 with thirteen Flavorizer bars built in 1989 or a Weber Genesis S 330 with a side burner and Sear Station burner we have the parts you need.

If you don’t know which Weber Genesis you have then don’t worry.  Our guide makes it easy to buy the parts you need just by looking at your burners and measuring the length of your Flavorizer bars.

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Weber Spirit Grills

If you bought a Weber Spirit then chances are that you love to get good value for your money.  The best way to stretch your dollar even more is to buy a few parts to fix your gas grill instead of spending hundreds on a new one.

We have the burners, grates, ignition kits and Flavorizer bars to get your Spirit grill up and running again.  We have the parts for all of the two and three burner models.

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Weber Q Grills

The Weber Q’s are amazing little gas grills!  They might have a small size but they still pack a punch!

We have the burner tubes, grates, ignition kits and regulators for all of the Q series from the Baby Q 100 to the big, bad Q 3200!

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Weber Summit Grills

If you have a Summit then just let me say, “Congratulations!”

The Summit grills are massive grills tricked out with all of the bells and whistles.  We have all of the stainless steel parts you need for your 400, 600 and older series Summit models.  We even have those funky rod mounted Flavorizer bars that are just about impossible to find!

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Weber Charcoal Grills

We have the charcoal grates, cooking grates, ash catchers and charcoal baskets you need to keep your classic Weber kettle in peak grilling condition.

We have all of the parts for the different Performers as well as an amazing selection of cooking grates (including stainless steel).

Parts for all 14, 18, 22 and 26 inch Weber charcoal grills including the Smokey Joe, Jumbo Joe, Silvers, Golds and more.

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Weber Smokey Mountains

Need some new cooking grates for your WSM? We have the lower and upper gates for the 14.5, 18.5 and 22.5 inch models.

We also have replacement charcoal rings, access doors, water pans and more.

You can also upgrade your WSM with a hinged lid, thermal blanket and high performance blower.

Click Here to Find Parts For Your Weber Smokey Mountain!

About This Site

Hey folks!

Thanks for dropping by and checking out the shop!  This site is designed to be the absolute easiest place to order replacement parts for your Weber grill.  I have a bunch of links to Amazon where you can buy the right parts and most of the time shipping is free.

I understand the frustration of not being able to find the parts for your classic grill down at the big box home improvement stores.

This site has done the hard work for you and has organized all of the different Flavorizer bars, grill covers, ignitors and cooking grates for the different grills.  When it comes down to selecting the correct replacement parts attention to detail matters.  I understand the difference between a grill made in 2000 and one made in 2002.  Not only do I understand but I make it easy for you to figure out exactly which grill you have so you can buy the right parts today!

I do not have the parts for converting gas grills from propane to natural gas or vice versa.  The conversion is pretty simple if you can find the right orifices to insert at the front of your burner tubes but Weber no longer makes these available.

Many of the parts I point you towards will be OEM parts from Weber while others will be aftermarket parts from third party sellers.  The quality between the two types of part are identical I am and convinced that for many of them that they are being produced by the same overseas factories.

There are a few things you should think about when you are buying replacement parts.

Is it worth buying replacement parts or should you get a new grill?

While some problem items like rusted grates and burner tubes with uneven flames are easy to spot, other grill issues often escape notice unless you are looking for them.  Before you make a major investment in replacement parts make sure you examine the frame of the grill.  If the metal tubes that hold the grill onto the cart frame are about to rust through then start thinking about getting a new grill.  Replacement cart assemblies are extremely hard to find and will easily cost you a few hundred bucks if you do manage to track one down.

You will also want to take a look at the slider rails that hold the grease box onto the grill.  The screws that hold the slider rails onto the grill are notorious for rusting out and letting the grease box become detached.

In many cases the screws will completely corrode into the cast iron base of the grill and will have to be drilled out.  If you are not up to this task then it is better to find out now than after you have bought parts.

If you think you might be in the market for a new grill then check out this head to head article: Weber Spirit vs Genesis.

Understand the Quality Differences in the Parts.

In general you will have three choices for replacement Flavorizer bars. Weber offers these bars (or “flame tamers”) in porcelain enameled steel or stainless steel.  The ones made of porcelain enameled steel are cheaper, will easily last you three years and work just as well as ones made from stainless steel.

If you do want longer lasting ones then go with the heavy duty option made by third party sellers.  These are typically made of 18 gauge stainless steel and usually cost much less than the ones offered by Weber.

In general you will also have three choices for replacement grill grates.  The grates made from porcelain steel are the cheapest and work okay.  Your other two choices are grates made from stainless steel or cast iron.

I love the thought, look and feel of cast iron but when it comes to grilling I really have to recommend the stainless steel.  Stainless steel grates will give you better grill marks than cast iron grates any day of the week.  In addition, stainless steel is easier to clean and will last longer than cast iron.

Are Your Parts Under Warranty?

One last thing I recommend you do before buying parts is to READ your warranty.  These grills come from Weber built to last and backed by a serious warranty that they fully support.  The burner tubes carry a ten year warranty while other parts have coverage that varies between three to five years.

If you can’t find the warranty for your gas grill then get in touch with Weber directly and they can help you determine what parts of your grill are still covered.  Weber has great support and shipping costs are usually free for parts under warranty.

This site is a labor of love put together by me, David Somerville.  I am NOT associated with Weber-Stephens in any way.  If you purchase a part for your grill through one of the links on this site then I will make a commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you. 

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