How to Smoke Meat With a Weber Kettle

Weber Kettle with Side table

One of the things I love about Weber kettle is their versatility.  While most people use these charcoal grills for high heat grilling, you can also use them as amazing “Low and Slow” barbecue pits.

Here is an easy guide for “How to Smoke Meat With a Weber Kettle“!

Weber Kettle Grill with Side Table

This is not the ONLY way.

This is not the BEST way.

This is the way that you should start learning because it is simple, reproducible and effective.

The three key steps for using your kettle as a smoker are:

  • Adjust Your Air Vents
  • Smoke With Indirect Heat
  • Don’t Try to be Perfect

Let’s examine each step in more detail.

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Weber Wood Pellets Review: Are They Any Good?

Weber Pellets at Ace Hardware

Weber started selling wood pellets when they released their Smokefire pellet grill a few years ago.  It turns out that the pellets are a better product than the grill 🙂 My local Ace Hardware has stocked up on Weber wood pellets and carries the following flavors: Apple Cherry Hickory Grillmaster Blend Mesquite Let’s do a … Read more

Weber Summit S 670 Review {2022 – A Tough Call}

The Weber Summit S 670 is an amazing grill with a hefty price tag.  The Summit 670, available for propane or natural gas, is the top of the line in the Weber product range and comes fully loaded with every bell and whistle in Weber’s arsenal.

This review will walk you through the features of this beauty and will also show you a few alternatives to consider.

Weber Summit S 670 Six Burner Gas Grill

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Is the Weber Smokey Mountain Worth It?

Weber Smokey Mountain Worth the Money

If you are considering buying a smoker then the Weber Smokey Mountain needs to be on your list.  There are lots of things to consider when buying a new smoker such as: Ease of Operation Quality of the Barbecue Produced Fuel Type Value for the Money .Let’s talk about that last bullet point of Value … Read more

What is the Weber GS4 High Performance Grilling System?

GS4 Grilling System

In 2017 Weber relaunched its iconic Genesis line of gas grills and renamed the series as the Genesis II.  There were a number of changes that warranted that renaming of the series.  These changes include new styling, the roll out of four and six burner grills and the inclusion of the Weber GS4 High Performance Grilling System.

While changes in styling and the number of burners were obvious to spot, the GS4 High Performance grilling system left many people confused.

Weber GS4 Grilling System

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