Weber Spirit SX 315 Smart Grill Overview

Weber Spirit SX 315 Smart Grill

Weber introduced a line of Smart gas grills in 2021 and the grills are generating both excitement and confusion.  Let’s take a look at what makes these grills “Smart” and compare them against other options from Weber. If you are short on time then the summary is as follows: I do not recommend the Spirit … Read more

Weber Jumbo Joe Review: The BEST Portable Charcoal Grill!


If you are looking to bring the great taste of charcoal grilling with you to a campsite, on a hike, or to a tailgate, the Jumbo Joe is the grill for you. Without question, the Weber Jumbo Joe is the best portable charcoal grill available.

There is so much more to the Jumbo than meets the eye.  Stick with me and I’ll show you why I really love this little grill!


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Weber Spirit II E 210 Review: A Best Buy For a Small Grill!

Weber-Spirit-II-E-210-Sapphire (2)

The Spirit II E 210 was newly renovated for 2018 with great new features to make it a more competitive product than in years past.  The Spirit is Weber’s entry-level series, mainly due to its smaller size and lack of extremely high tech features.

But make no mistake, even though this is an entry level grill it is a solidly built powerhouse that will make you a happy griller for years on end.  An entry level Weber is still ten times better than the cheap Char Broils and Dyna Glos that you will find at the Big Box Stores.

The E-210 is perfect for a small family or a beginner to the grilling game. Its small footprint means it will fit well on the balcony at your apartment complex, and just as well in the backyard of a home.

Weber-Spirit-II-E-210-Sapphire (2)


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How Long Do Weber Grills Last?

Everyone knows some neighborhood barbecue legend who is still using the same Weber kettle grill that they got in the 1990s, but are newer Webers that reliable? Weber grills have an excellent warranty, and most of their grill components are guaranteed to last for 5-10 years, so that’s a good place to start. How long … Read more

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