Weber Summit S 670 Review {2022 – A Tough Call}

The Weber Summit S 670 is an amazing grill with a hefty price tag.  The Summit 670, available for propane or natural gas, is the top of the line in the Weber product range and comes fully loaded with every bell and whistle in Weber’s arsenal.

This review will walk you through the features of this beauty and will also show you a few alternatives to consider.

Weber Summit S 670 Six Burner Gas Grill

Specifications of the Summit S 670

Let’s start by dealing with the raw numbers that define this grill.

  • Primary Grilling Area: 624 square inches
  • Primary Burners: Six burners each rated for 10,000 BTU/hr.  60,000 BTU/hr total.
  • Sear Station Burner: 10,600 BTU/hr
  • Smoker Box Burner: 6,800 BTU/hr
  • Dedicated Infrared Rotisserie Burner: 10,600 BTU/hr
  • Side Burner: 12,000 BTU/hr
  • Tuck Away Rotisserie Motor
  • Under Cabinet Rotisserie Storage
  • Grill Grates: 9mm stainless steel rods
  • Warranty: 10 years on all components
  • Available for use with propane or natural gas.

You can see that while this is typically called a six burner grill, in reality you have ten burners to play with.  Some other features you get with this stainless steel grill are a stainless steel smoker box, lighted burner knobs, an LED gauge for the propane tank, and twin grill lights built into the handle.

Features on the 670 That I Love

Of all of the upgrades on this grill my two favorites are the Sear Station burner and the thick stainless steel rods that are used for the grate.

I grill a lot of steak and the Sear Station is pretty awesome for putting down grill marks to finish off a reverse sear cook.

The stainless steel rods are the thickest of any grate and just scream “quality”.  These rods are incredibly easy to clean and give wonderfil grill marks.

Features on the 670 That Are Just Okay

I absolutely love the integrated design of the rotisserie and its dedicated infrared burner.  The only problem is that most people will go through a 2-3 month phase where they will use the rotisserie for everything but then decide it just isn’t worth the extra effort.

I don’t think I have fired up a rotisserie in over five years now.

On a similar note, the stainless steel smoker box and dedicated are another nicely designed feature that does not actually get much use.  When I want to smoke chicken or ribs I will usually use either a standard 22 inch Weber kettle or an 18 inch Weber Smokey Mountain.

The smoker box on the Summit 670 is okay but simply cannot compare to the flavor you get from smoking with charcoal and wood.

Customer Reviews of the Summit S 670

I grabbed the customer reviews from Home Depot (current June, 2021) and plotted them below.

Weber Summit S 670 Customer Reviews

When the 5 and 4 star reviews are combined the Summit 670 gets an overall customer satisfaction rating of 89%.  This value is lightly lower than the values of 91-94% that Weber gets for their other gas grills.

The lower ratings for the 670 are a result of people rightfully expecting an ultra premium product and the 670 does not quite deliver.  Specifically, the Achille’s heel of the Summit series is that the build quality on the cart/frame is not what it should be for a grill that costs about $3,000.

I suspect Weber uses a lower grade quality of the stainless steel on the cart than they do for the hood.  As a result the cart and frame can start having rust issues especially if you store the grill near your swimming pool.

Why You Should Buy the Summit S 670

There are some perfectly legitimate reasons to buy the S 670 but they are not related to value.

You want “The Best”: Some folks take a elegantly simple approach to life and just buy the best of whatever it is that they want.  A “Just Buy the Best” philosophy makes decisions simple and never leaves you wishing you had gotten something better.

If what you are looking for is Weber’s best gas grill then here you go.  Weber’s tagline for this grill is it will, “Exceed What is Expected” and they deliver with the S 670.

To Celebrate: Celebrating certain life milestones with a high end gift is  a time honored tradition.  Did you just turn 50 years old? Celebrating 30 years of marriage? Get that big promotion you have been shooting for?

If you are looking for that “something special” to help commemorate a significant life event then the Summit S 670 will do the trick just fine.  This beautiful grill will be a happy reminder of the milestone every time it gets fired up.

To Join the Club:  Owner’s of Weber grills can be a fanatical bunch.  You often start out your grilling adventures in life on a cheap little kettle like the Smokey Joe and quickly fall in love with the Weber brand.  You then save up some cash and eventually buy a Performer charcoal grill or maybe even a Spirit or Genesis gas grill.  The whole time that you are falling in love with Weber grills you have your eye on the Summit series and dream about owning one some day.

At some point you just want to pull the trigger, buy a Summit and finally join the club of Weber owners who are enjoying the best gas grill Weber ever made.

Among Weber fanatics owning the S 670 is special.  It is an acknowledgement that you have finally completed your Weber journey made it to the top of the mountain.

Why You Should Not Buy the Summit S 670

There are three reasons to shy away from this grill:

  • Size
  • Value
  • Outdated

Grill Size

Size: “What is the biggest, baddest grill that Weber makes?” For years the answer to the question was the Summit S 670.

Not anymore.

The largest Weber gas grill is now the Weber Genesis II 435 and it is a beauty.

The primary grilling area on the Genesis 435 is 22 sq inches larger than the Summit 670. In reality this small of a difference does not matter but if you really want the largest Weber gas grill available then you want the Genesis 435.


The Genesis II 435 does not have all of the features of the Summit 670 but it does have the ones that matter and is more than $1,000 less expensive that the Summit 670.

I absolutely love the Summit 670 but, from a value perspective, it can not compete with the Genesis II 435.


The basic design of the Weber Summit grills has not changed in over 10 years and it is due for an update soon.

Weber has introduced the GS4 High Performance Grilling System in the Genesis line of grills and “Smart Technology” into select Genesis and Spirit grills.

It would suck to spend $3,000 on a Summit today and have Weber come out with an upgraded model next year.


2 thoughts on “Weber Summit S 670 Review {2022 – A Tough Call}”

  1. The only bad thing about this grill is the poor design of the control knobs. They are plastic and snap after regular use. I’ve had my summit for three years ( I love the grill) but have had to replace four of the control knobs. Given the hefty price tags the knobs should be metal not plastic – and they aren’t cheap – $33 for a pair of two ( includes shipping and handling )

  2. I have the S650 which I purchased for my 40th birthday. That milestone was 16 years ago. In that time span I have not replaced one single item on my weber. I take very good care of it and use it often. A yearly tear down and cleaning is probably why it has lasted so long. But when you pay big money for something I tend to take care of it. I always say you cant go wrong with a Weber. It was worth every penny. I use my smoker box every Friday when I make my pizza in the Weber. And the rotisserie gets used a few times a year for chickens or a prime rid roast. LOVE MY WEBER


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