Weber Genesis II E 325 vs 315 at Ace Hardware

Weber Genesis II E 325

Weber Genesis II E 325 vs 315 at Ace Hardware

If you are at Ace Hardware looking at Weber gas grills then you might have a few questions about the Weber Genesis II E 325.  This model is exclusively sold through Ace Hardware and is not listed on Weber’s website.

Let me walk you through the key features of this grill so you can see how it stacks up against the other Genesis grills and decide which one is right for you.

Weber Genesis II E 325


Key Features of the Weber Genesis II E 325

Update March, 2022: Weber has redesigned the Genesis grills.  Here is the link for the new Genesis 325s series grills which are upgraded compared to both the discontinued 315 and older 325 model.

Weber has eight different models of three burner Genesis grills that have different details.  The features that all of them have in common are:

  • Large Cooking Area: 513 sq in primary grate, 156 sq in warming rack
  • Amazing Warranty: 10 years for all components
  • GS4 High Performance Grilling System
  • iGrill3 Ready

Upgrades on the 325 model include:

  • Enclosed Lower Cabinet
  • Handle Mounted Grill Light
  • Sear Station Burner

This grill is available in Black and Indigo.  The Indigo grill has the option to be ordered for use with liquid propane or natural gas while the Black model is only available for use with liquid propane.

Every single one of the three burner Genesis grills have the following performance characteristics:

  • Even Heating
  • Minimal Flareups
  • High Reliability
  • Looks Amazing

The three burner Genesis grills are a dream to use and will last forever.

Which Features are Important?

There is a lot going on with this grill so let’s see if we can make some sense out of the features.

GS4 Badging

These grills carry the Weber GS4 High Performance badge which indicates that this grill has the upgraded rectangular burner tubes, Infinity ignition, grease management system and Flavorizer bars.

GS4 badging on Spirit

Out of all of the features on the GS4 system the one that I am excited about is the Infinity Ignition.  The ignition systems were typically the weak point for Weber grills and, in the past, were only covered by a two year warranty.  The new Infinity ignition system is much more robust and Weber has enough confidence in it that the extended the warranty to ten years.

iGrill3 Ready

The iGrill3 is a remote temperature monitoring system that lets you monitor the internal temperature of the meats you are grilling with your smart phone.

There is a slot on the right side table where the iGrill3 system will fit but the iGrill3 does NOT come with the grill.

Don’t worry though because you will not be missing much.  I did a review of the iGrill3 and was not impressed.

Sear Station Burner

The Sear Station burner is glorious.  This is an extra burner inside the body of the grill that you fire up when you want to put a serious sear onto your steaks.

You will love the Sear Station.

Weber Genesis II E 325 vs 315

If you are trying to decide between the 325 and the 315 then here are the differences between the grills.

Weber Genesis II E 325 vs 315

Upgrades on the 325

The Genesis II 325 has a handle mounted grill light for easy night time grilling and a Sear Station burner.

Neither of these features are present on the Genesis E 315.


The color options are different between the grills.

The E 315 is available in Black and Copper.

The E 325 is available in Black and Indigo.


When you compare the Black E315 to the Black E325 you will find that E325 is just slightly more expensive.  Since the cost difference is marginal and you get the Sear Station with the 325 this seems like an obvious choice.

There is a premium being charged for the Indigo E 325 so you will have to decide how important it is for your grill to be extra pretty.

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