Weber Charcoal Grill Parts for 14.5, 18.5, 22.5 and Larger Kettles

Weber Charcoal Grill Parts for 14.5, 18.5, 22.5 and Larger Kettles

There are not many things finer to grill on than a classic Weber kettle!  Here are the Weber charcoal grill parts you need to get your kettle back into shape.

If you need a grill grate you can pick from the suggestions I have below or get more details in my post about Weber charcoal grill grate options.  

Weber Charcoal Grill Parts

Parts for 14.5 inch Kettles

(Smokey Joe Silver and Gold)

Parts for 18.5 inch Kettles

(Jumbo Joe, One Touch Silver, One Touch Gold)

Parts for 22.5 inch Kettles

(One Touch Silver, One Touch Gold, Performer, Masterbuilt)

Parts for 26.75 inch Kettles

Weber One Touch Gold

After you get the parts you need you ought to check out these Weber charcoal grill accessories.  Go ahead and show your grill some love 🙂

Just in case you are considering buying a new kettle instead of some replacement parts I wanted to share some thoughts on which kettles are amazing and which should be avoided.

The Three Best Weber Charcoal Grills

Weber Jumbo Joe: This little beauty is extremely portable and much more roomy than the Smokey Joe.  The vent configuration also makes this grill a hyper efficient bbq smoker.  For $60 this is the absolute best buy in the Weber charcoal grill product line.

22.5 inch Weber One Touch Gold: You could go your whole life and only use this grill and be very happy.  The 22.5 inch kettle is the perfect size grill.  Make sure you get the Gold model (~$150) and stay away from the Silver.  You can upgrade to the Master Touch or Performer models if you like extra bells and whistles.  The Gold is the Sweet Spot in terms of function and price.

26.75 inch Weber Kettle: This $300 grill is much, much larger than you think.  The size makes it the perfect combination large capacity grill and smoker.  I would much rather buy this than a Weber Smokey Mountain.  The 26.75 kettle is large enough to be impressive as heck but is much more manageable than the Ranch kettle.

The Three Worst Weber Charcoal Grills

Weber Smokey Joe: These little 14.5 inch grills are cute as heck and can be used for some serious grilling fun on a small scale.  The problem with these grills is that the Weber Jumbo Joe is just as portable as these grills and is fundamentally better in every way imaginable.  You can spend $30-$50 on a Smokey Joe and get something that is okay or you can spend $60 on a Jumbo Joe and get something that is amazing.

Weber 18.5 inch One Touch Silver:  This is the first Weber charcoal grill that I ever bought.  I bought it because it was the cheapest kettle available other than the itty bitty Smokey Joes.  There are three MAJOR problems with this grill.  The first is that the grilling area is usable but is on the small side.  The second is that the lid has a very shallow dome which makes grilling things like Beer Can Chicken very difficult.  The third issue is that cleaning the ashes out of this grill is a pain in the neck.  I found myself deciding not to grill some nights because I didn’t want to go through the hassle and mess of cleaning out the old ashes.

Weber 22.5 inch One Touch Silver: For the love of all things grilling…spend an extra $20 to upgrade to the One Touch Gold!  The 22.5 inch kettles are the perfect size and come with a large domed lid.  The ash removal system on the Gold model is glorious.  This comes with the hinged cooking grate and charcoal baskets.  You are going to own this kettle for 20 years.  If you look at long term cost of ownership, upgrading from the Silver to the Gold will cost $1 per year.  Make the upgrade.

If you are interested in seeing some historically important Weber charcoal grills then check out this Pinterest board and follow the links over to the Weber Kettle Club.

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Why can’t I find a replacement for the handle on the hood of a Weber charcoal grill?


    Thanks for asking, Lauren! I added the link for replacement lid handles for 18.5 and 22.5 inch grills.


Is there anyone that’s installed a one touch system on a jumbo Joe? I’m considering taking a shot at installing it.


    Patrick, that’s an intriguing idea! I have not seen this done yet.


Hi – I clicked on your link for the 22.5″ Premium Stainless Steel Hinged Cooking Grate, but the Amazon web page it brought me to says that the part is currently unavailable. Can you tell me when this part will be available again?


You should consider adding the “slide aside” to your list of Weber grill accessories that are a must have.
We bought the grill with the lid holder attachment but when we got the box home and put together it was the
grill one step down in price without the lid attachment. I was searching for something to use for our lid when I came across
the Weber Slide-Aside for 27 dollar. So we saved 49 dollars by purchasing the lesser grill but spent some
of the extra cash on the slide-aside. I am shocked at how many people have never heard of it. We
absolutely love ours and we grill all year round.


    Jessica, I was surprised that you found one! I thought Weber stopped making these a few years ago. I’ll see if I can find a source for these!


      They were discontinued but I was on the weber site and bought one. I believe they are now reproducing them.

Gary Mularz

I’ve been trying for over a year to get a 26.75 top cover and before I finally give up I had to ask if you know of a way to acquire a replacement?

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