Weber Grill Burner Replacement Tubes: How to Remove and Replace

It is an excellent idea to inspect the burner tubes on your Weber grill every spring before the first grilling session of the season.  Making sure your burner tubes are in good condition will help you grill run better and is an exercise in grilling safety.

Many people don’t keep their grills covered and they end up taking a lot of abuse over the winter. Water can get into the grill and start rusting out the burners as the grill sits idle.

How to Inspect the Burners on Your Grill

Before you light the grill remove the cooking grate and Flavorizer bars.  Visually inspect each burner for obvious failures.  If you see large holes in the burner tubes or if the tubes appear to be bent or sagging then they are shot and need to be replaced.

If the burner tubes appear to be intact and functional then take a few minutes to gently clean the burners as shown in this video.

After the tubes have been cleaned, light the grill and inspect the flame pattern on each burner.  You want to see blue flames evenly distributed across the burner tube.

Common Flame Pattern Defects

A large and uneven yellow flame indicates that there is a crack in the burner.  A cracked burner is going to cause uneven heating in your grill and is only going to get worse.  Eventually the crack will cause the burner to split and you will have to get new ones.  Go ahead and get new ones at the start of the grilling season so you don’t have to worry about it for another ten years,

Uneven blue flames across the burner, perhaps with some sections having no flame at all, indicates that some holes in the burner tube are blocked.  You can usually unclog the holes in the burner by poking into them with a straightened out metal paper clip.

A burner tube with no flame indicates that the flow regulator to the burner is defective or that the orifice into the burner is clogged.  On older Weber gas grills with the cross over ignition system it is also possible to get this condition on the back burners when there is a split or crack in the crossover delivery tube that delivers gas from the front burners to the back burners.

A new set of burner tubes is relatively inexpensive at around $50.  There are several companies that sell aftermarket burners that fit Weber grills for less than OEM parts.  I prefer to stick with the Weber parts since they come with a ten year warranty.

How to Replace the Burners

The exact steps for installing new burner tubes varies depending upon the model of your grill but they are ALL easy to work on.

Here is a video showing how to replace the burners on the newer style Webers that have front mounted burner controls like the Genesis 310.

Here is a video showing how to replace the burners on the older style Webers that had side mounted burner controls like the Genesis 1000.

Here is a video showing how to replace teh burner tube on a Weber Q.

How to Buy the Correct Burners

To purchase the right burner for your Weber Spirit visit our page for Weber Spirit Grill Parts.

To purchase the right burner for your Weber Genesis visit our page for Weber Genesis Grill Parts.

To purchase the right burner for your Weber Q visit our page for Weber Q Grill Parts.

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