Nexgrill Neevo 720 Digital Smart Grill Review {Great Tech with Questionable Quality}

I was checking out the latest grill offerings at Home Depot recently and spotted the Nexgrill Neevo 720 on sale for about $600.  The Neevo 720 is one of the very few Smart gas grills available that offers WiFi enabled temperature control and I was curious to figure out if the grill was any good.

There isn’t a lot of information available about this grill yet but I will share what I have learned so far.

Nexgrill Neevo 720

The Neevo 720 has Smart Grilling Technology

The Smart Grilling technology built into the Neevo is way better than anything Weber has built into their Smart gas grills.

The Neevo is a WiFi enabled grill that lets you both control the temperature of the grill and monitor the internal temperature of the food.  The two measurements are integrated so when your food reaches a target internal temperature the grill can activate a “Keep Warm” mode that lowers the temperature of the grill to 180F for holding.

In addition to a “Keep Warm” mode the grill also has a “Self Cleaning” function that takes teh grill through a high heat burn off and automatically shuts itself off.  That is sweet!

These features are much better than you get with a top of the line Smart Weber Genesis which only allows you to monitor temperatures and offers no level of digital control.  The executives over at Weber grills ought to be pretty embarrassed that they just got “out teched” by Nexgrill.

The Neevo has ports for four different meat probes but only comes with one.

Nexgrill Neevo is WiFi Enabled

The Neevo is a Large Capacity Grill

You get plenty of cooking space with the Neevo 720.  It looks like you get around 450 sq in on the primary cooking grate and about 250 sq in on the elevated grate.  The grill is not massive but is certainly large enough for most people’s needs.

The cooking grates appear to be of decent quality.  The primary grate is made of porcelain enameled cast iron with the elevated grate is porcelain enameled steel.

You also get a couple of nice working side tables with the grill that have handy tool hooks.

Neevo 720 cooking grates

Two Versions of the Nexgrill Neevo 720

When I was researching this grill online I saw that Home Depot has two versions of the Neevo 720.

One model is what I was seeing on the floor display which was simply the Smart Grill.  Home Depot has another version online which has the exact same Smart grill but it is coupled with a propane fired Air Fryer.

I have no idea if the air fryer is any good or not but I love the concept.  You can use the grill to cook some hamburgers and the air fryer to cook golden crispy French fries.  That sounds like a great combination to me!

Nexgrill Neevo 720 With Air Fryer

Concerns about the Nexgrill Neevo 720 Smart Grill

I am going to make the assumption that the Smart Grilling technology works as advertised on the Neevo.  There are about a dozen reviews over at the Home Depot website and none of them mention issues with the app or control of the grill.

My two main concerns about the grill are:

  • Versatility
  • Reliability

Limited Versatility

Nexgrill advertises that the Neevo has a dual burner system but, while that is true, you will never get the benefits of a dual burner setup.

The Neevo 720 has two U-Shaped burners, one on each side of the grill.  The burners looked well spaced for even heating.  The issue is that the burners are not independently controlled.  You cannot set up a two zone cooking system in this grill with a Hot Side for grilling and a Cool Side for moving the food away from flareups.

Because of the way the grill is digitally controlled, both burners will always be running at the exact same temperature.

Two Burner Configuration on the Neevo 720

Questionable Reliability

When I picked up the Flame Tamers to get a picture of the burner tubes I was disappointed in how thin and flimsy they were.  I would be really surprised if the Flame Tamers make it through a single grilling season.

I checked out the warranty for the grill and my doubts were confirmed.  The burner tubes have a five year warranty but everything else is only covered for a year.

The Neevo looks nice but it does not have the feel of a grill that is built to last.  Compare this grill to the comparably priced Weber Spirit II E310 where every single component is covered by a 10 year warranty and you will get a feel for the quality gap on the Nexgrill.

Flame Tamers Are Low Quality

Should You Buy the Nexgrill Neevo 720?

Personally I would not buy the Neevo.  I love the Smart Grilling tech but for $600 I want a grill that I know will last more than one year.

If you have personal experience with the Nexgrill Neevo then please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear how the Smart tech is working for you and how the grill holds up to rust, etc.


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  1. Won the 720-1054 on a raffle try to use it does not work. Got a error 3 code telling me there is something wrong with the modulating valve. I won it so no receipt. Home Depot told me they won’t take it back without receipt. Would not buy


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