How Much Do Barbecue Classes Cost?

How Much Do Barbecue Classes Cost?

If you want to invest in your barbecue education then taking a class is a great idea!  There are a variety of classes available with some offering “in person” instruction and others offering online learning opportunities.  There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what barbecue class you should take including the cost of the class and travel as well as the type of material covered.

Let’s take a look at some of the options you have available!

Harry Soo Barbecue Class

Harry Soo is the pitmaster behind the award winning Slap Yo’ Daddy barbecue team.  Harry is based in California and has a massive list of awards including many Team of The Year banners and over 27 Grand Championships.  Harry was featured on BBQ Pitmasters where he famously won the rib battle is the Season Finale.

Harry’s classes are the best value of all of the “in person” classes that I have seen.  Harry gives you six hours of instruction and limits the class size to 14 students so everyone gets individual attention.

The cost for Harry’s class is only $395 which makes it an amazing value.  When calculating the full cost of the course you will also need to factor in transportation and a hotel room.

You can check out Harry’s class schedule here.

Myron Mixon Barbecue Class

Myron Mixon, The Winningest Man In Barbecue, offers classes at the Jack’s Old South Cooking School in Unadilla, Georgia.

Myron’s class starts on a Friday night and ends on Sunday afternoon.  The class starts with Whole Hog and then covers brisket, pork, chicken and ribs.  Myron says, “My school is for the novice, the enthusiast, and the trained chef, as well as for the BBQ competitor. The recipes are the same. The difference is who you’ll be feeding. Whether you’re serving BBQ judges, customers, or just friends and family, you’ll elevate your BBQ game at my class.”

The cost for Myron’s class is $795.  When calculating the full cost of the course you will also need to factor in transportation and a hotel room.

You can check out Myron’s class schedule here.

Classes From Tuffy Stone, Johnny Trigg and Melissa Cookston

Tuffy, Johnny and Melissa are absolute legends on the competition barbecue circuit and have occasionally taught some classes.  The last numbers I saw from these folks were as follows:

  • Tuffy Stone = $650
  • Johnny Trigg = $700
  • Melissa Cookston = $750

These pitmasters do not have regularly scheduled classes so I don’t have a good link to share with you.  It’s worth the time to do a Google search for Tuffy and Melissa.  Your best bet for finding a class from Johnny is to look him up on Facebook.

BBQ Champs Academy

If you don’t want to spend money on travelling to a class or if you want to take a class RIGHT NOW then take a look at the online bbq classes offered by BBQ Champs Academy.

BBQ Champs Academy is a collection of online barbecue classes taught by world champion pitmasters.  For example, you can take a course put together by six time world champion, Mark Lambert.  Mark has eight hours of video instruction and covers brisket, pork, ribs and chicken.  You can buy all of the courses for $599 or, if you want to pace yourself out, you can buy a single course like “Ribs” for $249 and get the other courses for $150 each if you decide you want to learn those later.

If you want to take an online barbecue course then BBQ Champs is the way to go.


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