Weber GoAnywhere Parts

Weber GoAnywhere Parts

Weber GoAnywhere Parts

After you select the Weber GoAnywhere parts that you need take a moment and read the history of this grill that is written below.  This is a historically significant grill for Weber and new developments in it’s design might be a sign of things to come from them.

Replacement Parts for the Weber GoAnywhere Portable Gas Grill

Weber GoAnywhere

Weber GoAnywhere

Weber GoAnywhere Flavorizer Bar
Valve and Regulator Assembly
Burner Tube
Cooking Grate
Adapter Hose
Replacement Ignitor

Replacement Parts for the Weber GoAnywhere Portable Charcoal Grill

Charcoal Grate
Cooking Grate


So what is so interesting about the Weber GoAnywhere?  The GoAnywhere was the very first gas grill made by Weber.

Before the Weber Q, Spirit, Summit and Genesis grills came the GoAnywhere.

The original Weber GoAnywhere grills used lava rock as a heat distribution media just like every other gas grill of the time.  And just like every other gas grill of the time the GoAnywhere suffered serious problems from flareups and grease fires.

However, one day the engineers at Weber were messing around and decided to replace the lava rock with a piece of bent sheet metal located directly over the single burner on the GoAnywhere.

The bent metal sheet worked great for even heat distribution.

As an added bonus the engineers discovered that the hot metal sheet would vaporize dripping grease and create a wonderful aroma.  The resulting smoke added wonderful flavor to grilled foods.

Any grease that was not vaporized was directed away from the burner.  The combination of vaporizing grease and directing the flow of excess grease away from the burner virtually eliminated flare ups.

The engineers capitalized on the great flavor produced and named the bent sheet metal a “Flavorizer Bar“.

The full details of the invention of Weber Flavorizer bars was first captured in a 1986 patent.  You can download the full patent here if interested. US4627408

It was the invention of the of the Flavorizer Bar that enabled Weber to produce the first full size backyard grills (Weber Genesis 1-5) that easily outperformed every other grill on the market.

The Flavorizer bars were the heart of every single Weber gas grill until the introduction of the Weber Q grills.

The Weber Q grills manage grease solely through the design of the grill grate.  This is another patented concept that you can read more about here…Weber Q Grate Patent

What I find interesting is that the newest version of the GoAnywhere has stopped using a Flavorizer bar and has switched to an engineered grate like those employed on the Weber Q grills!

The mother of Flavorizer bars has abandoned her baby!!

New GoAnywhere Grate

New Grate System for the GoAnywhere

The reviews for the new design have been extremely negative.  This is a great reason to keep your older GoAnywhere running instead of buying a new one!  For your reference here are the Owner’s Manuals for the older and newer version of this grill.

Old Weber GoAnywhere: Original Weber GoAnywhere

New Weber GoAnywhere: New Weber GoAnywhere

What do you think?  Will we see the active grate management system implemented in future versions of the Weber Spirit, Genesis and Summit grills?


Hey…as a way of thanking you for reading all of my ramblings about this little grill I wanted to share a few great videos on using the charcoal version of the Weber GoAnywhere.

These videos were put together by Markus from 0815BBQ…check them out and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Cornell Chicken!

Bacon Cheeseburgers!

Okay..hoped you enjoyed those videos…now get out there and grill something!

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