Weber Charcoal Grill Accessories:15 Best Kettle Upgrades!

Craycort with three inserts

Weber Charcoal Grill Accessories:15 Best Kettle Upgrades!

One of the fun parts of falling in love with your kettle is finding new ways to make it even better.  Here are some of my favorite Weber charcoal grill accessories that would be great upgrades and welcomed gifts.

This list is going to cover:

  • Gadgets for Better Fire Management
  • Next Generation Cooking Grates
  • Rotisserie Kits to Transform the Grilling Experience
  • Gear to Solve Common Kettle Problems

All of these accessories are for use in the standard 22 inch Weber kettles.

Gadgets to Manage the Fire in Your Kettle

Weber kettles are pretty easy to use because they allow you to control the air flow and, as a direct result, the temperature of the grill.  Of course, just because something is already good that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it great 🙂

Here are some of the best accessories to help you mange the fire in your grill.

Charcoal Baskets

These simple and inexpensive charcoal baskets make it easy to arrange your charcoal in different configurations.  The most common uses include:

  • A single basket banked to the side for Indirect Low Heat
  • A basket on each side for Indirect High Heat
  • Two baskets in the middle for Direct High Heat

These baskets are standard equipment that comes with Performer and Master Touch kettles but must be bought separately for the regular kettles.

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The Vortex is a specialty product that has a cult-like following.

The general idea is that the Vortex allows you to arrange the charcoal in a way that is perfect for ultra crispy chicken wings and extreme high heat searing for steaks.

There are several counterfeit knockoffs on Amazon but please only buy the original, Made in USA, product.

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Slow n Sear

The Slow N Sear from SnS Grills converts a Weber kettle into a slow smoking machine.  You can hold “Low and Slow” barbecue temps for about 10 hours on a single load of charcoal.  The integrated water reservoir holds a quart of water and provides a humid cooking environment.

Slow N Sear

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Spider Grills Venom Adapter

The Venom Adapter from Spider Grills attaches to the air inlets at the bottom of your kettle and electronically controls the temperature of the grill by precisely regulating air flow.  You can control the temperature within the kettle from the primary control panel on the venom or through an app on your phone.

You do not need to drill any holes in your kettle to use the Venom adapter.

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Spider Grills Pellet Adapter

The Spider pellet adapter is so glorious that it is absolutely wrong.

The Spider hooks onto a standard 22 inch Kettle and coverts it into a PID controlled pellet grill.  You can dial in temperatures from 180-500F and the Spider will reach and hold the specified temperature to within 5 degrees.

I had a blast playing with the Spider and was amazed at the versatility.

Yes, I know that it is a grilling sin to convert a Weber kettle into a pellet grill.  I did it anyways!

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Next Generation Grilling Grates

Now that we have our fires under control let’s look at a few ways to upgrade the cooking grate.  There are a surprisngly large number of options to choose from!

GrillGrate Panels

This is my all time number one favorite accessory for my kettle.

Thee panels fit on top of the existing cooking grate and completely transform the grilling experience.  The panels make grilling better by:

  • Eliminating Flare Ups
  • Improving Heat Distribution
  • Providing Amazing Grill Marks

I really cannot recommend these highly enough.  These panels transform the grilling experience into a thing of sheer beauty.

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Stainless Steel Cooking Grate

The grate that came with your kettle is made of chrome plated steel.  The chrome plating comes off after about a year and the remaining steel rusts through about a year later.

If you are interested in getting a grate that is going to last then go ahead and invest in one made of 100% stainless steel.  The Stainless steel grate is going to last many years longer and has the extra benefit of being easier to clean.

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Weber Gourmet BBQ System

The Weber Gourmet BBQ System features a hinged grate for easy charcoal addition along with a removable center insert that can be replaced by a variety of attachments.

The insert attachments, which are sold separately, include a cast iron searing grate, cast iron griddle, pizza stone and poultry roaster.

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Craycort Cast Iron Grate Inserts

Cast Iron Grates are sexy.

In addition to being cool as heck they grates from Craycort are also extremely versatile.  Craycort provides optional inserts like a griddle, wok and veggie basket that will really change how you think about grilling.

Here is my full Craycort Cast Iron Grate review where I go nuts with the inserts.

Craycort with three inserts

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Rotisserie Kits to Transform How to Use Your Kettle

Now it is time to look at some gear that will completely transform how you use your grill!

Combination Rotisserie and Pizza Oven Adapter

This innovative product from Onlyfire includes the rotisserie ring, along with the complete rotisserie system, that has a removable front panel.  When the front panel is removed you can add the included pizza stone to the grill and now you also have a great pizza oven!

Come on, you know you will have serious fun playing with this thing!

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Ribolator: Seriously Stupid Fun!

If you do get a rotisserie then at some point you will want to invest in the RiboLator.  This is an attachment for the rotisserie that lets you grill four slabs of ribs at once with its Ferris Wheel design.

Here is a link to my full RiboLator Review that really shows the functionality of the device.


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Santa Maria Rotisserie Combo

Another great idea from Onlyfire is this delightful combination package that lets you set up your kettle for open air rotisserie grilling or as a Santa Maria Style grill.

This set up makes open air grilling a fun show to entertain your guests.  Who wouldn’t love watching some birds spin over open flames or a couple of tri tips roasting over a fire made from oak wood splits?

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Gear to Solve Common Kettle Problems

Unless you have a Performer or Mastertouch then the most common problems people have with their kettles are:

  • No Place to Put the Lid
  • No Side Table for Prep

The good news is that we have solutions!

Slide a Side Lid Holder

The Slide a Side lid holder clips onto the side of your grill and creates a side slot where you can easily slide the lid so you don’t have to put it on the ground.

Yes, I know, there is a little hook on the inside of the lid that can serve the same purpose but I can never remember where the hook is located and hate using it.  The Slide a Side is a much better alternative for lid management.

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Working Side Table

The lack of a side table on most Weber kettles is incredibly frustrating.  You need someplace to put your tray of burgers, digital thermometer and barbecue sauce.

The folks at BBQ Dragon have come up with a great side table that clips onto the side of your kettle and will support ten pounds. The table also has some handy dandy tool hooks 🙂

There are some knock-offs of this design on Amazon but the one from BBQ Dragon is the best.

Clip On Side Table

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Dewey Watkins

Great website with plenty of great stuff for Weber grills—except the king of them all—the Ranch!! I have a Ranch and love using it. Are there any Weber Ranch accessories, parts, additions, etc. out there??


    Dewey, congratulations on having a Ranch! They are incredible beasts 🙂

    The best addition I have seen has been someone who added large inflatable tires for easier movement. Here is a link.

    Not aware of many other options…maybe adding a free standing rotisserie?

      Dewey Watkins

      A heavy duty rotisserie for the Ranch would certainly be lots of fun! I’m curious if two “Slow ‘N Sear” XLs (one positioned on each side of the grill) would turn the Ranch into a serious smoking machine.

      I have two 22″ Performers, one 26″ Kettle, one Summit 420, one 22″ Smokey Mountain, one Pit Barrel Cooker; along with, the big ‘ole Ranch! My wife is constantly teasing me about “Grilling Central…”

      I’m actually thinking about starting a unique Weber Ranch grilling/smoking YouTube channel; because, I’ve found the Ranch can do so many things so well—it’s actually my “go to” grill on weekends—much more capable than any of my other grills. I’m surprised the Weber Ranch isn’t more popular. Perhaps the $1200 price tag scares most backyard grillers away.

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