Weber Rotisserie Baskets, Accessories and Parts for Your Gas and Kettle Grills


Weber Rotisserie Baskets, Accessories and Parts for Your Gas and Kettle Grills

Buying a rotisserie your Weber is an easy way to have a little more fun with your grill.  Of course you can start doing classic rotisserie chicken recipes but there are many other great uses for a rotisserie.

Weber Kettle Rotisserie

I have used a rotisserie for pork loins, ribs, pulled pork, prime rib and, with the help of some other accessories, some amazing chicken wings!

Three Types of Rotisserie Baskets

When you buy your rotisserie I strongly recommend buying a rotisserie basket as well.  There are three basic types of rotisserie baskets available.

  • A “flat basket” that tightly secures foods like chicken thighs or pork belly.
  • A “tumble basket” for large quantities of chicken wings 🙂
  • A “mesh basket” for smaller pieces of food.  Roasted Peanuts and Rotisserie French Fries!

Rotisserie Baskets

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Other Rotisserie Accessories

Two other fun accessories are the Shish Kabob Wheel and the RiboLator.

The RiboLator is a four tray ‘Ferris Wheel” that attaches to your existing rotisserie.  The device lets you cook four slabs of baby back ribs or massive piles of chicken parts.  The Ribolator is serious fun and you can’t help but smile when you use it.

The Ribolator fits on Weber gas grills and is a great accessory for 22 inch kettles.  When you use it on a gas grill you need to remove the cooking grate and, depending upon your model, sometimes the Flavorizer Bars.


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The Shish Kabob Wheel is a cute idea that also attaches directly to an existing rotisserie.

I had one of these for a while and used it 5-6 times before I gave it to a friend.  The wheel works fine but I enjoyed using the RiboLator more.

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Replacement Rotisserie Parts

If you need a new motor for your rotisserie the question comes down to do you want one with or without a cord.

I hate running extension cords across my deck so I went with the cordless motor.  It has enough power to handle a 20 pound load and can run for over 30 hours on one set of batteries.

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If you are one of those people that really loves tripping over extension cords while your grilling then you are going to need the motor that you plug in.

Here you go.

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How to Use a Rotisserie on Your Weber Grill

Here is some guidance from Weber on how to use your rotisserie.

Don’t worry too much about getting the counter balance perfectly set.  The motor for these rotisseries are strong enough to turn a few chickens even if you don’t use the counter balance.

I usually place a drip pan under whatever I am spinning and use indirect high heat.  It will take you a few tries to get into the groove of using a rotisserie but once you figure it out you will love it!

You can get seriously creative with this grill toy.  Here is a peek at one way of grilling steak on a kettle rotisserie 🙂

One of my favorite rotisserie accessories is the Rib O Lator.  The Rib O Later is essentially a four tray Ferris wheel that makes grilling multiple slabs of ribs real easy.  You can also use this thing to make huge batches of crispy chicken wings.

Here is a great video showing the Rib O Later in action.

And speaking of making large batches of awesome wings take a look at a tumble style basket in action.  I know it is a bit over the top to buy an accessory for your grilling accessory but that is one of the things that makes this grilling game so dang fun!


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