Weber Spirit 310 vs 315 (Review of E and S Models)

Weber Spirit 310 vs 315

Weber Spirit 310 vs 315 (Review of E and S Models)

If you are looking for a simple three burner gas grill with no extra frills then the Weber Spirit line is a natural place to look.  Weber currently has four grills that fit this description but figuring out the differences between them can be confusing.

I have been cooking on Weber grills for about 20 years now and currently own the Q3200, Traveler, Genesis 335 and a Weber Smokey Mountain.  I suspect the only people who have “kicked the tires” on the different models of Weber grills more than me are the engineers that actually design these things.

This article will walk you through the Weber Spirit 310 vs 315 differences so you can figure out which grill is right for you.

Weber Spirit 310 vs 315

The four grills we will be looking at include:

  • Weber Spirit E 310
  • Weber Spirit II E 310
  • Weber Spirit E 315
  • Weber Spirit S 315

Let me walk you through the features, pros/cons and customer reviews of these models and show you why the grill you want to buy is the Spirit II E 310.

Let’s get started!

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What the Spirit 310 and 315 Grills Have in Common

Functionally all four of these grills are identical and have:

  • 424 sq inch primary cooking grate
  • 105 sq in warming rack
  • Cast iron cooking grates
  • Three primary burners
  • No side burner
  • No sear station burner

These are basic three burner grills that cost several hundred dollars less than their larger Genesis counterparts. (See Weber Spirit vs Genesis for more details).

With a little basic care you should expect the grills to last about ten years. The Flavorizer bars, which  protect the burners and take most of the abuse, will need to be replaced every 3-5 years.

If you think you might want something a little fancier than these base model grills then check out this article on the Weber Spirit 330 and 335.

Key Differences Between the 310 and 315 Grills

With the exception of the Spirit II E 310, the differences between these grill is almost entirely cosmetic.  These differences are listed in the table below.

Weber Spirit 310 vs 315: Key Differences

ModelWarrantyCabinetryBody ConstructionBest Value
Spirit II E 31010 YearsOpenPorcelain Enameled SteelYES
(Check on Amazon)
Spirit E 3155 YearsEnclosedPorcelain Enameled SteelNo
Spirit S 3155 YearsEnclosedStainless SteelNo
Spirit E 3105 YearsEnclosedPorcelain Enameled SteelNo

Weber Spirit E 315 Notes

The Spirit E 315 is sold exclusively through Home Depot and is not even listed on Weber’s website.

The only functional difference between the E 315 and the E 310 is that the Flavorizer bars on the E 315 are stainless steel and will last 1-2 years longer than the porcelain enameled Flavorizer bars on the E 310.

Stainless Steel Flavorizer bars

Weber Spirit II E 310 Notes

The Spirit II E 310 is an interesting grill that I do not think will be around much longer.  This grill has the Weber GS4 advanced grilling system which includes the most reliable ignition system Weber has ever made.

Weber has so much faith in the Spirit II line of grills that the warranty covers ALL components for ten years.

On the other Spirit grills the body is covered for ten years but the Flavorizer bars and cast iron grates are covered for 5 years.  The ignition system is only covered for two years.

Another extremely nice feature about the Spirit II grills is that the propane tank is mounted on the side of the grill.  All other Spirit grills have the propane tank mounted underneath the grill in the enclosed cabinet.

While it might sound “neater and cleaner” to have the propane tank stored in an enclosed cabinet, the reality is that this is one of the biggest complaints about these grills.  Swapping out propane tanks is a pain in the butt when you are dealing with tight enclosed spaces.

The Spirit II grills are so good that they were starting to eat into sales of Weber’s more expensive Genesis grills.  I noticed that at the start of 2022 Weber is selling the Spirit II grills at a significant discount and I suspect they will be discontinued as soon as the remaining inventory is sold out.

Which Grill is Best?

I would buy the Spirit II E 310.

The grill has the best warranty which means you will not pay a penny for replacement parts for at least ten years.  The ignition system is incredibly reliable and it is the least expensive option in the Spirit 310/315 Series.

Weber Spirit II E 310 Value




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