Stainless Steel Weber 22 Inch Grill Grate for Sale

SnS Stainless Steel Grate

Stainless Steel Weber 22 Inch Grill Grate for Sale

If you are looking for a stainless steel coking grate for your 22 inch Weber kettle then this post has you covered!

I will give you a link to the ONLY reliable source for stainless steel grates that I have ever found and help you understand why you need to avoid most of the other choices on Amazon.

And just in case you decide a stainless grate is not the right choice for you I have included some other interesting grate options for your consideration.

The ONLY Stainless Steel Grate for Your Kettle

Weber stopped selling long lasting stainless steel charcoal grill grates about six years ago but here is a great aftermarket stainless steel grate for Weber kettles that I highly recommend.

The grate that I recommend is made by SnS grills (formerly the Adrenaline Barbecue Company). In full disclosure, I consider the owner of SnS grills, Dave Parrish, to be a friend and I am proud to be be an affiliate for his products.

The SnS grate is:

  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Hinged for easy charcoal addition during long cooks
  • Easy to rotate thanks to Easy Spin handles.
  • Fits all 22 inch Weber kettles.

SnS Stainless Steel Grate

SnS Grills is a veteran owned company located in North Carolina.  When you buy the grate from SnS grills you will be supporting good people.

Here is the link again to the 22 inch grate from SnS Grills.

Beware of Stainless Grates on Amazon

You need to think long and hard before you buy an “affordable” stainless steel grate off of Amazon.

Many years ago I was the only seller of stainless steel grates for Weber kettles on Amazon.  I was having the grates manufactured in China and sent directly to Amazon warehouses.  The grates were high quality and my customers were happy.

One day I logged into Amazon and found that my listing had been “hijacked” and some random Chinese company was now selling MY grates at a significantly lower cost.

Of course they were not MY grates and the grates being sold were not stainless steel.  This was just a scam company that figured out how to steal my listing and were ripping people off by selling chrome plated grates instead of stainless.

I can promise you, as someone who used to have these grate manufactured, if you find a stainless steel grate for a Weber kettle on Amazon that costs less than $65 then the grate is NOT stainless.

Do yourself a favor and skip the Amazon scams.

Buy a grate directly from SnS Grills instead.


Other Grate Options for 22.5 inch Kettles

If you want to buy a Weber product and get some serious grill bling then look at the Weber Gourmet BBQ system.  The Gourmet BBQ System is a grate that has a removable section in the middle.  You can remove the center section and replace it with one of multiple accessories and get some serious versatility from your grill.

The starter set comes with a cast iron sear grate.  The other inserts are sold separately.

Weber Gourmet BBQ System

Weber Gourmet BBQ System


A nice feature of  Gourmet BBQ System is that the grate itself is slightly heavier than a standard Weber grill grate and should last longer. The grate is hinged on the side so you can use this for “low and slow” smoking.

Something to keep in mind is that you do NOT need to purchase the actual grate to use the inserts.  You can buy the inserts individually and place them on top of a regular or hinged grate and they work fine.  The only insert that actually requires the special grate is the wok.

I think the Cast Iron Sear Grate looks wicked cool.  What I love about the Sear Grate is that the cross hatch pattern is built into the design.

Cast Iron Sear Grate

Once you put your steaks onto the hot cast iron you leave them in place until it is time to flip.  There is no need to rotate.  The longer, uninterrupted contact gives you better grill marks by default.  The Sear Grate is about 12 inches in diameter which is large enough for two rib-eye steaks or four New York Strips.

Cast Iron Grill Grates

Weber does not make a cast iron grate for their kettles but Craycort does.  In my opinion the best grill grate choice is the Craycort cast iron grate.

Craycort Cast Iron Grill Grate

Craycort Cast Iron Grill Grate

I have recently started using the Craycort cast iron grill grates and I love them. The grate is made  of four removable modules that rest on a cast iron frame.  The Craycort gives great sear marks and provides easy access to the charcoal.  The extra inserts that are available really expand the possibilities of what you can cook on your grill.

If you want to learn more about these grates you can watch the video below from the BBQ Pit Boys or read my detailed review about Craycort cast iron grill grates.

If you are a serious griller that wants some cast iron on your kettle then I think Craycort is the best option.

After you get your grate selection figured out take a few minutes and check out a few other Weber charcoal grill accessories.  You can also use this link to find replacement parts for your kettle.


Robert Tudisco

I personally believe that when grilling, cast iron is mandatory. I have cast iron grates for my Weber gas grill and love them. I recently got a Weber 22.5 inch kettle and was surprised at how few options there are for aftermarket cast iron grates.

The only real option is the Graycort, but I don’t like the quadrant system. The T in the frame interferes with pouring coals and distributing them properly. Second, their configuration has the grate lines perpendicular from quadrant to quadrant which interferes with the grill marks that we all work so hard for. Ideally, I am looking for one that is two halves, like the one formerly made by Lodge. Either a hinge in between, or two half moon pieces could be lifted on the edges to replenish coals or distribute on one full side.

Does anyone have any ideas where I could find something like this? I contacted both Graycort and Lodge, but have not heard back from anyone. Am I asking too much?


    Robert, I’ll look into this and will send you an email if successful.

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