How Much Does a Traeger Grill Cost?

Traeger grills come in various models. Some are portable, while others are meant to stay in a semi-permanent location around your home. The component that ties all of these grills together is their use of wood pellets to create a wonderful flavor in your grilled dishes.

But how much does a Traeger grill cost? Since Traeger produces many grill models, they have a price range that varies as well. Some grills can be as low as $429.99, while more expensive grills top out at $2,199.99.

Let’s go through some different models and classify them into three categories—high price, mid-price, and low price. Of course, these prices are relative to the overall price of Traeger grills, so the $429.99 grill will be in the low price category.

Traeger Grill Cost

High Price Traeger Grills

Traeger has four grills that sell for more than $1000. The priciest model is the Timberline 1300, which sells for $2,199.99. It’s the larger version of the Timberline 850, which is 35% smaller than the Timberline 1300. The Timberline 850 sells for $1,999.99.

The next Traeger grill is the Ironwood 885. It sells for $1,599.99. The smaller version of the Ironwood 885 is the Ironwood 650, which sells for $1,399.99. The Ironwood 650 has 649 square inches of cooking space, while the 885 has 885 square inches of cooking space.

The Timberline and Ironwood grills have all of the bells and whistles including Super Smoke Mode, WiFi Connectivity and double walled insulation.

Mid-Price Traeger Grills

Between the lower-priced options and the high-priced options are Traeger grills that sell for between $500 and $1000. There are four options in the mid-price range, but there are multiple options for finishes.

The highest-priced option in the mid-price category is the Pro 780. The Pro 780 sells for $999.99, and it has 780 square inches of cooking space. You can purchase it in either a black or bronze finish.

The next option is the Pro 575, which is the smaller version of the Pro 780. The Pro 575 sells for $899.99, and it has 572 square inches of cooking space. That means it’s roughly 25% smaller than the Pro 780. You can purchase the Pro 575 in either black or bronze and I believe it is the best Traeger for the money.

The final two grills are the Pro 34 and the Pro 22. The Pro 34 has 884 square inches of cooking space, and it sells for $749.99. The Pro 22 is the smaller version, only having 572 square inches of cooking space. The Pro 22 sells for $649.99.

Low Price Traeger Grills

The low price Traeger grills aren’t cheap by any means, but compared to the other grills from Traeger, these are lower prices. Traeger sells two grills for under $500.

As the name implies, the Tailgater is meant to be portable and easy to fit in your vehicle. That way, you can enjoy grilling at your favorite sporting event, family get-together, or any other gathering.

The Tailgater sells for $499.99. It has 300 square inches of cooking space, and it can fold down its legs for easy transport. It does weigh 62 pounds, so transport can be difficult if you’re by yourself.

The final grill from Traeger is the Ranger. The Ranger is a smaller, more portable grill than the Tailgater. The Ranger is a compact tabletop grill, making it easier to transport. It’s the perfect grill to bring with you on camping trips and other outings where space is a concern.

The Ranger sells for $429.99. It has 176 square inches of cooking space. The Ranger grill weighs 60 pounds. Although it still weighs a considerable amount, its small size makes it easy to carry. The Ranger measures 21 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 13 inches tall.

How Much Do Traeger Fuel Sources Cost?

Along with the costs associated with the grill, you also need to buy fuel. The fuel utilized by Traeger grills is wood pellets. Traeger wood pellets are made of hardwood sawdust pressed together into pellets via heat and high pressure.

Traeger wood pellets cost between $18.99 and $29.99 for a bag. They range in size from 18 to 20-pound bags. The bags are resealable so that you can use fresh pellets every time you use the grill.

Want More Bang for Your Grilling Bucks?

If the price of a Traeger is a bit too steep for you then you can:

Wait until Traeger has there annual Father’s Day Sale and save 10-15%.

Investigate some Traeger alternatives like Z Grills, GrillaGrills and Camp Chef.

Here is a money saving tip though…you can use Pit Boss pellets in a Traeger grill and save serious cash!

Is It Time for a Traeger Grill?

Now that you know the different prices for each of the Traeger grill models, you can make an informed decision before you buy. Will you purchase the larger grills that often sell for a higher price, or are you more interested in the portability of the smaller grills?

So, are you going to bite the bullet and get a Traeger grill? Now that you know the prices, the decision should be a little easier!

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