Smoked flanken style beef ribs

a fast and delicious  way to cook beef ribs!

Why should you make Flanken style beef ribs?

Flanken Style Beef Ribs are a fast and easy way to make some mouth watering ribs. 


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Trim the ribs.

Create your marinade.

Fire up the  grill.


What to do

The trim for this cut is very easy. Simply take a rack of short ribs and cut them thin and perpendicular to the bone.

The marinade

What will you need?

 1 Cup freshly brewed Coffee 

1/2 cup Soy Sauce 

1/3rd cup Brown Sugar

3 Tbls Sriracha sauce

2 Tbls Honey

1 Tbls grated ginger

1 Tsp sesame oil

time to grill.

Heat up the grill to 225 F 

Smoke the ribs using indirect heat for an hour.

Check for a internal tempature of 140-145F!

 Finishing            up 

Once they have hit 140-145 F place them over indirect heat for two minutes on each side.

 Take off let cool and enjoy!

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