Picanha vs Ribeye

If you are looking to try some different cuts of beef then you have some interesting options in the world of steaks.  One of the great steak comparisons is Picanha vs Ribeye.  Here is a little background on the differences between these two classic steaks.

Major Differences Between Picanha and Ribeye steaks.

The biggest differences between these steaks are: – Fat Content – Tenderness – Price

Picanha is a wonderful steak; when cooked properly it can be very flavorful and tender, and compared to the ribeye steak it is also less expensive.

Is Picanha Better than Ribeye Steak?

Picanha is one of the most popular steak types among meat lovers and is one of the most popular cuts of beef in Brazil. Technically it is a roast that can be cut into several pieces and picanha is not the only name it goes by.

Everything you need to know about Picanha.

Sometimes called beauty steak, Delmonico, or Spencer, ribeye has a deliciously buttery flavor and extremely tender texture.

Everything you need to know about Ribeye.

The ribeye steak is beautifully marbled, which is what gives it its flavor and texture. The marbling melts into the muscle when the cut is being cooked so it comes out very juicy.

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