How to Smoke Meat With a Weber Kettle

One of the things I love about Weber kettle is their versatility.  While most people use these charcoal grills for high heat grilling, you can also use them as amazing “Low and Slow” barbecue pits. Here is an easy guide for “How to Smoke Meat With a Weber Kettle"

The three key steps for using your kettle as a smoker are:

Adjust Your Air VentsSmoke With Indirect HeatDon’t Try to be Perfect

Adjust The Air Vents on the Kettle

What makes a Weber kettle an amazing smoker is the ability to control the air flow through the grill.   When you can control the amount of air that is going through the grill then you have a pretty good handle on controlling the temperature.

Bottom Vent Setting

Use the lever of the One Touch Cleaning System to adjust the bottom vents until they are ALMOST closed.  The openings on the bottom air vents should look about like this:

Top Air Vent Settings

There are two important steps to configuring the top air vent located in the lid of the grill. 1. The first step is to make sure the top vent is completely open.  This is going to help the small fire burn cleanly.

Smoke With Indirect Heat

This process involves maintaining a small fire on one side of the grill.  The side of the grill with the fire will be called the “Hot Side”.  The side of the grill away from the fire will be called the “Indirect Side”.

Smoke With Indirect Heat

Fill the basket with charcoal. Make sure they are spread out; you don’t want them all piled up on top of each other. I use Weber starter cubes to get the charcoal lit.  They come in a box of 24 and are super handy.

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