Smoked Pork Loin on a Weber Kettle







Loins are delicious when smoked and are usually quite inexpensive making this a great way to get the most bang for your barbecue buck! Let me show you a simple way to make a delicious smoked pork loin on your charcoal kettle grill.


– smoked paprika Dry Rub – turbinado sugar Dry Rub – kosher salt Dry Rub – black pepper Dry Rub – onion Dry Rub – chili powder Dry Rub – yellow mustard – pork loin

Trim the Loin

To help the meat fit on the kettle better you need to cut it into 4-5 pound portions

Season the Loin

There are plenty of great commercial dry rubs for pork,  If you can find the Bone Sucking Sauce dry rub then that will work great on this cut.  If you need a recipe for a great pork rub then here is what I suggest making.

Set Up Your Weber Kettle for Low Indirect Heat

Fill a charcoal basket with Kingsford briquettes and use a paraffin starter cube to light the charcoal in one corner.  Set the bottom air vents to about 25% open.

Place the meat on the opposite side of the kettle from the charcoal. Put the lid onto the kettle and make sure that the top vent is completely open and located over the meat.

Give this recipe for Smoked Pork Loin a try sometime! For more delicious recipes, visit Quality Grill Parts