How To Make Smoked Spatchcock Chicken

A classic recipe everyone should know.

Cook Time

 This delicious recipe takes about three and a half hours and is well worth it for the juicy end result!

 First, you want to Spatchcock your chicken. To do this simply cut out the spine of the bird and once that is done, Flip it over and press down to break the breast bone. 

Spatchcock Your Chicken

 Inject the Chicken

Next you will want to inject the chicken. For this you can use a store bought injection or make it yourself. A great injection to use is Tony's Creole Butter Injection. 

  * 1/2 stick melted butter   * 2 cups apple juice    * 2 tbs lemon juice    * 2 tbs sea salt

Injection Ingredients

The Dry Rub 

Next you will want to create a good dry rub to put on the injected chicken for even more mouth watering flavor. 

Dry Rub ingredients 

  * 2 tbls salt    * 2 tbls smoked paprika   * 1 tbls black pepper    * 1 tbls sugar  

Fire Up The Smoker! 

Heat your smoker to about 250 F and fully open the top vent, then set the bottom vent to around thirty percent open. 

Put The Chicken On The Smoker

Once your smoker is at the correct temperature throw the chicken on bird bone side down and add in some hickory chips for extra flavor. 

Smoke the Chicken

Smoke the Chicken for about three hours. The chicken will be done once it has reached an internal tempature of 165-180 F. 

Finishing Up

Once the chicken is at temperature take it off the grill and carve the breast and slice off the legs. After that let it cool and dig in!

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