Does BBQ Sauce Go Bad?

Just like any other food, barbecue sauce can go bad over time and, if eaten, make you sick.  The shelf life of your favorite BBQ sauce varies depending on what ingredients it contains and the conditions it is stored in, so let’s see what we can do to extend it.

How can you tell if BBQ sauce has gone bad?

The best way to tell if the barbecue sauce has gone bad is by using your senses of smell and sight, plus the sixth sense – the common sense. If the sauce does not look and smell right to you trust your gut instinct; your gut will thank you later, trust me.

If kept in a cool and dark pantry this divine nectar can last for about 18 months. But once opened the BBQ sauce better be kept in the fridge in a tightly sealed bottle. In these conditions, it can be safe to eat for a few weeks (or even several months).

How long does BBQ sauce last in and out of the refrigerator?

Almost all BBQ sauces nowadays contain vinegar, it is what gives this condiment the touch of acidity that goes so well with your favorite cut of meat.

Do vinegar-based BBQ sauces last longer than tomato-based sauces?

The answer is simple – refrigerator. The cooler the place you store your sauce, the longer it will last. In the absence of the fridge, place it in the darkest and coolest place in your pantry.

How to extend the shelf life of your BBQ sauce.

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